Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mario Edwards Jr must step it up in 2018



Mario Edwards Jr has not lived up to the hype since being drafted in the 2nd round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Reggie McKenzie loved his "upside" when he selected Edwards and thought he would become an elite Defensive End but that never materialized as Edwards was constantly battling injuries and missing games. Edwards has played in just 24 of a possible 48 regular-season games.
Last season Edwards did come off his best performance as a pro as far as sacks go, he racked up 3.5 sacks in 2017. He also only played in 14 games. Edwards has not played all 16 games in a single season since he came into the NFL in 2015. In total Edwards in 3 years has 5.5 sacks and 53 tackles.

Things are changing now that Jon Gruden has returned as the Raiders head coach. Gruden is not tied to previous draft picks that were selected by GM Reggie McKenzie. In fact Gruden has made that clear by trading away former 2nd rounder Jihad Ward and letting guys like TJ Carrie, Denico Autry, Clive Walford and Darius Latham walk. Gruden even went as far as calling out Edwards publicly through the media, basically saying he needs to step it up or else.

Gruden's not lying, there's a reason why Raiders drafted Maurice Hurst and Arden Key and brought in Tank Carradine plus Gruden may not be done adding to the line in free agency with other Vets. Also looks like Bruce Irvin will be more of a DE in 2018. Gruden has moved Mario Edwards Jr to DT for good now.  Gruden just does not believe in Edwards as a DE, so the hope is Edwards can find a role in the middle somewhere in the Defensive line. No job will be given to Edwards, he's going to have to compete for a role or he will be another casualty of the new regime, plus Raiders would save a million dollars by releasing Edwards which has been discussed already. So as training camp gets closer keep eyes out on #97 if he even makes it to Raiders camp.

It's clear Edwards does have the potential, he has shown it in the past but Jon Gruden is not going to put all his hopes into Edwards. Reggie McKenzie does not have the power he once had in protected his picks, so for everyone's sake let's hope Mario Edwards J can rise up in 2018 and become that dominate force he once was in college.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Raiders get the steal in draft with Nick Nelson


In the fourth round of the 2018 NFL draft Raiders selected CB Nick Nelson out of Wisconsin, it was a pick that could be the biggest hidden gem in Oakland Raiders draft.
Nick Nelson started his college career at Hawaii University in 2014, in his first year Nelson played in 10 games with eight starts at cornerback.Nelson recorded 36 total tackles, including 31 solo stops, logged six pass breakups and a forced fumble. Nick Nelson was only getting started though as the next season he started all 13 games at cornerback and delivered 56 total tackles, 15 pass breakups and a forced fumble and one sack. Nelson did not get any interceptions mostly because opposing QB's would stop throwing his way.  Nelson would then move onto Wisconsin, after redshirting in 2016 (NCAA rules) Nelson recorded 35 tackles, 1 tackle for loss and 21 pass deflections for the Badgers in 2017.  The 21 pass break ups set a single season record. Nelson would also return punts for the Badgers. 24 punts returned for 206 yards and that includes one that went for a touchdown against Michigan. Wisconsin had an amazing defense in 2017, in fact they ended up ranked 2nd nationally in total defense.
After the season Nelson got an invite to the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.52-second 40-yard dash and jumped 123.0 inches on the broad jump.
Team scouts liked Nelson's play on the field despite him not having 1 interception Nelson broke up passes and was a solid tackler who had very good instincts. Nelson, who is 5-foot-11 and 200 pounds was seen by most scouts 2nd rounder.

Then the pre draft workouts started which would send Nelsons draft stock from a potential 2nd rounder all the way to a 4th round selection. During a private workout for the Detroit Lions disaster struck as Nick Nelson would end up with a torn meniscus, a knee injury that would require surgery which was done on April 17th by Dr James Andrews.
Nelson would have to watch the draft while on crutches and see just how much this injury would affect him. Teams who loved him before the freak injury now were taking him off their boards or moving him late into the draft. Raiders though always had Nelson high on their boards. In the Raiders "war room" they watched teams pass up on Nelson due to the injury and surgery.

 Raiders watched closely as Nelson was still there in the 4th round, they knew they had the 10th pick (110th overall) and they already knew who they were selecting if he was still there but there was some doubts. Raiders thought perhaps Panthers could roll the dice and take Nelson with the very first pick in the 4th round (101 overall) but instead they took a Tight End. The next logical team that could take Nelson would be Washington who picked right before Raiders at the 109th overall selection but luckily for the Raiders that didn't happen as Washington took a safety instead.
Raiders had their guy, the same guy that was on their board when they entered the draft. Raiders did not hesitate at all with this one. As an employee said in the room "We got our guy" Raiders selected Nelson quickly.

Now it's up to Nelson to show all 31 other teams they made a mistake of not selecting him. The surgery went perfect for Nick, in fact the time table for him to be 100% ready to go is fairly soon. He should be ready to go full speed with pads by training camp. Could this be the steal of the draft? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Raiders never gave up on Nick Nelson.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The real reason Raiders cut Marquette King

 It was just about 3 weeks ago when Marquette King appeared on NFL Network was asked about his new head coach Jon Gruden. King responded with a very disrespectful answer,
"Gruden..Gruden Gruden..Oh that Monday Night Football guy" 
A lot of people brushed it off as King being himself which is exactly why Raiders moved on from him. It's well known King was not beloved in the locker room. Marquette King is a punter who wants to be a "personality" and that's something that causes 15 yard penalty's with lots of players sitting on the sideline shaking their heads in frustration.

Yes, one of the biggest reasons why King was cut was the money issue, if Raiders keep him they would be paying him 3 million dollars a season. Gruden does not value kickers that much and he also does not think King was a great of a place holder for the kicker and even pointed that out at the combine.
Jon Gruden is trying to change the culture of the team, yes there are guys that he would like to cut but he can't due to money issues. Gruden came into the Raiders job with the thought process this team needs to be more mature and more driven.

It should be noted that Gruden never spoke to King personally but, that does not mean he hasn't talked to players who had thoughts on King. There's no doubt King's punting abilities are great but, with an old school coach who does not value special teams that much and a punter who has no respect for him at all and throw in he's getting paid too much for a punter in the coaches mind, plus players simply were no fans it wasn't a hard decision for Gruden to have McKenzie show him the door.

nothing to see here...

It's for members only...Yeah, I know you think you are seeing something..All the post (the good ones) are hidden..This probably looks ...