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If you want access to latest articles, live daily periscope shows and Facebook (Video) shows, we are now going to be charging a monthly fee. The reason for this new payment method is to keep up with the competition like sites like "The Athletic" the reason why you should pay for TRD instead is we won't be just writing articles but you get live video, you also get free Raiders stuff! Once a month a random member will be selected and will get a prize box that has Raiders stuff in it.
How this works:

All you need is to submit your email to and you will be added to the TRD membership. The Periscope and Facebook Live videos will be for our members ONLY. We don't expect thousands of people but that's fine. The Raiders Daily Twitter will still be public for all. What this will do is make TRD work even harder for the members though.
Monday through Friday you will get a live video (if something happens you will know in advance)
These videos will cover the Raiders and we will be able to chat and answer all of your questions. Also you will get TRD RAIDio a weekly podcast that right now we are working on so only members can listen to. The Raiders Daily is going to change the way you read stuff about the Raiders. Instead of reading about stuff you already know we are going to go inside and give you the real story behind the story.

By being a member I can promise you this, you will not only know more about the Raiders than ever before but you will also know more about football in general. There's stuff you will know as a member that I can't even type here for public! Think about this as your own club of Raiders fans, if you read this site before you probably seen the page listed as "Family" well that page will only be for you now, plus you will be able to write comments that only the members can see. It's our group, it's our club. It's our family....

Now for the part that everyone hates! How much does it cost? I'm going to charge 10$ a month. I think that's reasonable for 2 hour video shows 5 days a week (or longer) and everything else. People already pay that for other websites just to read the same stuff they read on twitter. Now you get actual video and you can ask questions about a story and get a real answer. 

So if you want in, feel free to send an email so I can get a list of emails for the sign up list. Obviously you are not getting charged anything until this starts but I need emails for signs ups. In email if you want to subscribe in April please put the word "TRD MEMBER" in Subject line and then you can pay via paypal which is easiest and most secure. Also you don't get charged "automatically" every month. I find that lame when companies do that. So every month you decide if you want to keep being a member or not.
You can start sending emails to now to make things much more easier for April. Again this is just a list of people that I will contact on April 1st. Only send email if you want to join. Once you are a member I add your username to The Raiders Daily group on Periscope and on facebook once your a member I will need to find you to add to the private video chats.

Thank You and sorry about the grammar, it's part of the charm!
Stephen Michaels
The Raiders Daily

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