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Mike Mayock: Making Raiders Great Again

                                                 With 1 day before 2019 and the disaster of 2018 season over the rebuild has now officially begun! It's no secret that Jon Gruden already has already started this project by doing great things, for example trading the most overrated Wide Receiver in the NFL in Amari Cooper and robbing the Cowboys of a 1st round pick in 2019. Not to mention moving on from the most overrated GM in the NFL in Reggie McKenzie. Now today the announcement that truly shows the genius of Jon Gruden (or Mark Davis as I heard) Raiders went out and hired a TRUE draft guru in Mike Mayock. Yes, he is on TV and has no experience at being a GM but keep in mind Mayock is not going to be structuring contracts, the title of "GM" is just that, a title.  Raiders brought in Mayock in for the draft and his expertise with players. Remember this guy studies guys coming out of college not just 2019 but 2020 and even 2021. Nobody is more up to speed a

Raiders Fire McKenzie, Last Game in Oak and MORE! 12/20/18

Are you ready?

                                           The Raiders have had 1 winning season in 17 years. Now with a coach that is not going anywhere anytime soon and multiple draft picks plus tons of cap space it's time to give back to the fans. Of course. I, the king of Raiders podcast and the greatest football mind in the game can do this alone but instead I will have to leave it up to the Raiders. But fear not Raiders fans. My voice will be heard and it will be loud and clear. Raiders have Jon Gruden and will be hiring smart people. Raiders current "GM" Reggie McKenzie will not have the ability to take "projects" in early rounds. Instead the vision will be back to what it once was decades ago. Getting the best players in the world on one team with one goal... It's time to MAKE RAIDERS GREAT AGAIN! Not Paid for by THE RAIDERS DAILY